Learn some simple and profound steps to take to create a more vibrant and energetic you.

Eating for a Healthier You Guided Cleanse

IMG_1571We will guide you...
through a month of eating in a way that is deeply nourishing and naturally cleansing.
This is a little like giving your car a tune-up or cleaning out a closet or spring cleaning your home. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to compare how you felt before and how you feel after.
Along the way, you will very likely find that new healthier habits start to replace the old ones, and that's not as hard as you might think.
Why cleanse?
Most people do our program because they want to improve their health and feel better.
Many people want to lose weight (and learn new strategies to keep it off!)
Others have pain or have inflammatory conditions and want to see if the food they are eating is contributing.
Some participants have been told by their doctor that they have elevated cholesterol or blood pressure or that their sugar metabolism is off.
Almost everyone wants to experience more energy and vitality!

We love food that is delicious and good for us!
This program is a vitalizing, nutrient-rich way of eating that includes whole food meals, snacks, juices and smoothies.
It leaves out foods that are inflammatory or are common allergens, as well as those that tend to gum up the works, like sweets, dairy and flour.
Specific herbs and supplements are discussed and are an optional component to your cleanse.

What is included with the Program?
The class is all online, so even if you are attending a local class, all the information you need is available to you anytime, anywhere.
The core of the course consists of a series of video and audio lessons and handouts. It is very easy to follow and you will likely learn a lot, about yourself and food! I have been told that the materials are friendly, assuring and supportive.

Extras include:
1. Over 150 delicious Recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner
2. An online Daily Journal to keep track of your progress
3. An extensive Glossary of terms to expand your knowledge or curiosity
4. A collection of special cleanse products that we like and recommend
5. Participation in our private Facebook group (only available to participants in the program) for questions and discussions.
6. Resources - books, videos and websites for those hungry to learn more. There are many sources of inspiration to keep up your healthy lifestyle in this group!

The Questionnaire - Before and After
Our questionnaire was made specifically for our program and is a powerful tool to make sure you're focusing on the most important aspects of your current health during the cleanse.

You'll complete the Check-In Questionnaire during the 'Getting Ready' phase and then again when you finish the program. This exercise gives you a basis of comparison, a reminder of where you started, so that the can get a little perspective on the progress you have made!

You'll also use your own scores to adjust the cleanse to your specific needs and dietary sensitivities. And if your scores are high in certain areas (like adrenal fatigue or candida), you will want to adapt the cleanse in specific ways. We make this easy to understand and to get the info you need.


Not a One-Size-Fits-All Program
This program is not a strict regimen or food plan. The guidelines and structure of the day are for you to make your own. Some people like an apple and a little almond butter for their afternoon snack, others want a fresh veggie juice. Some people are dedicated meat eaters, others are moving towards eating more more plant based meals.

We do suggest that you follow the 'Keepers and Castaways' list so that you can clean the slate, and experience what it feels like to shift away from foods that are habit forming. Following the list, just that, is cleansing for most people.

You’ll have the opportunity to decide what works best for you and guidance in choosing your daily meals and menus.

Before and After
We love to hear the many stories of how this cleanse impacts people's lives (and their family's) and the little moments that add up to big changes that happen along the way.

We hear of  delighted, excited participants and well as surprised health care practitioners.

The before-and-after results are a testament to our participants' success, even after just one month of following this program. When people see and feel these positive results they are motivated to continue!

Please join us!
We invite you to join us on this journey. When you make changes in what you eat everyday, you may find that it has a positive ripple effect into other areas of your life!

Bryn photo

Hi, I am Bryn, and created this program to help people live healthier lives.
I am trained as a PA and have had a long-term interest in healthy food. I am most interested in the intersection between what we eat and think, and the many different ways that our body expresses dis-ease.

Working to address my patient's health concerns over the years, I came to believe that many people could turn around their symptoms if they would just eat in a way that gave their body a break from doing the heavy work and had a chance to clear out. Kind of like spring cleaning, or fall cleanup!

What I found was that, for most people, doing a cleanse program and sticking with it long enough to have a lasting effect is not easy to do on one's own. That is why I created a class - to guide people through a cleanse program.
Many people have had life-changing experiences and after seeing and hearing how this program impacted people's lives, I agreed to create an online version. It was a nearly three year process to get it to its current state (thanks to my hero-husband Andy)!

This online version contains everything that I teach in my 5 week classes and more. Much more actually! In fact, now when I teach my classes, participants use the online course to augment what they get in class.