Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eating for a Healthier You?

What is the course about?

Eating for a Healthier You grew out of a series of local cleanse classes Bryn W. Perkins has been offering since 2010. Bryn has studied the impact of our diet and lifestyle on stress and health for several decades. is an online cleanse class designed to help people transform their relationships with food — moving towards a more conscious set of choices and focusing on specific nutrient-rich foods and recipes that will support the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.

This program incorporates the latest research by nutrition and cleanse experts, while bringing in the practical experience Bryn gained through years in helping participants through the cleanse process.

How often should I do this?

Many people join this program both in the Spring and Fall. They are different! In spring, we are moving into summer and can do a deeper cleanse, and the fall class is about moving into winter with food habits appropriate to the season (so your body has the vim and vigor to handle the winter!) We offer a discount for past participants, because they offer so much perspective for newcomers and it'soury way of acknowledging the challenges of eating healthy in our society over time, and supporting ongoing healthy habits, as a community. We all need that.

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Who is this cleanse class designed for?

Bryn has been cleansing herself as well as teaching cleanse/detox classes for years. She’s really come to understand participants’ most common questions, concerns and challenges. She’s helped all kinds of participants re-energize their bodies. The ideal person for this cleanse is someone who:

  • is dissatisfied with the results of their current eating habits,
  • who believes that diet and lifestyle CAN have a powerful effect on health and vitality
  • who is ready to challenge themselves to a month of cleaner eating, but
  • who feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of going through it alone!

Is it a good class for beginners?

This cleanse class was designed for both first-time cleansers and people who have done cleanses on their own or following other programs. We wanted to make sure they’ll have everything they need to succeed. But it goes beyond the ‘mechanics’ of the daily schedules and food lists, and fills in gaps for those interested in the whys and hows of our body’s detox system. We try to present supporting material in a simplified format that provides deeper insights into the cleansing process. We’ve also gathered a number of additional resources for those who want to pursue specific topics on their own.

Is it difficult to complete?

Actually, no. It’s much easier than people think. You’ll eat very well, choosing delicious recipes and real portions. The program includes 3 meals and snack. That said, the first week or for some people two, can bring about a variety of challenges common to any detox process, like fatigue, or headaches. These symptoms tend to pass within 3-4 days for most participants and are often replaced by new levels of calm energy and clarity of thought. People of all ages and levels of fitness report great success with greater clarity, better mood, more energy. There’s no reason to think this couldn't be true for you.

Can anyone take this class?

Well, almost anyone! You must be 18 years of age to take the class. And you should NOT do a full cleanse if you:

  • are pregnant or nursing
  • are under the age of 18
  • have an active cancer condition
  • have liver disease or hepatitis
  • have Type 1 Diabetes
  • are on medications for bipolar disorder,

Note: All participants using birth control pills of any type should use a back-up method during the cleanse. Using a back up method of contraception during a cleanse is mostly erring on the side of caution! Because the hormones in OCs get metabolized by the liver, anything that potentially speeds that up (or conversely slows that down), could potentially impact that drug's effectiveness. So, if you took even a mild bowel cleanser or a supplement like magnesium, and it had the effect of speeding up your digestion causing looser stools or diarrhea, that could impact how much of any medication (including meds for bipolar disorder) would be absorbed. That being said, that can happen from any number of things, not just during a cleanse.

Always check with your physician or other healthcare professional before beginning a significant dietary change if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescribed medications. Let her or him know that this is not a "fasting" cleanse, this is a nutritional cleanse.

You can absolutely join the class if you are committed to learning (vs. cleansing!) and want to adjust the program to work for your condition. Just let your doctor know, and be aware that you take responsibility for your choices (everyone does). You will likely be shifting the program from a cleanse to moving-into-healthier-eating-habits opportunity, going super slow.

The Class

Is this all theory? Will I get step-by-step guidance?

It’s a well balanced mix of theory, step-by-step instruction, motivation, self reflection and fun! It is not a dry academic course – it’'s meant to be engaging and have resonance with your experience during the program.

Are there ways to customize the cleanse?

In general we’ve found the cleanse has been designed to work well for most participants but we do know that some people could need or prefer a custom program. During the ‘Getting Started’ period, participants complete a Check-In Questionnaire and based on those results, we provide suggestions for fine tuning the cleanse. In particular, we focus on adjustments to the routines of those who might be showing signs of Adrenal Fatigue or Candida/East overgrowth. If the questionnaire leaves you wondering whether these are concerns for you, we recommend you talk to an MD or ND who can help guide you.
Bryn works one-on-one with clients who would like a more tailored experience. You can set up an appointment by e-mailing her

What’s it like to work with Bryn?

The best way to get a feel for working with Bryn is to see her in action by watching a video. Videos are an important part of the course.

What is the lesson format?

Most course lessons are presented in video, but audio talks, slideshows and pdfs are included as well. The format for a particular topic depends on the type of information that Bryn will be conveying. There are a few easy quizzes as well as some self-reflection exercises. The real point of all this, of course, is not to provide an academic or intellectual framework. Rather, everything chosen is included specifically to help you better understand your body and to succeed in your cleanse experience, and in making wise food choices going forward.

How long does the program last?

The program is designed to be 28 Days. Although there could be some benefit to adopting the program for less than the recommended time, if at all possible, you should plan on a month to instill your new eating habits. That's what matters most - how does what you do during this month change your habits going forward.

Does Bryn work one-on-one with participants?

Bryn has a successful local practice as a Health Consultant, and does work one-on-one with cleanse participants to help them tailor the cleanse to their meet their specific needs. Her billing rate is $150 per hour or $80 per half hour for cleanse participants. To learn more — or to schedule a session — e-mail

The Cleanse Diet

Are there vegan, raw food, animal protein, plant protein, gourmet, low cost, etc recipes?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! And a whole lot more! We’ve pulled together recipes from a wide variety of sources. Our guiding principle has been to find great ways to prepare and enjoy delicious nutrient-rich food – not to promote any specific dietary philosophy. That said, you should know, that we have been vegetarians for over 4 decades. That doesn’t mean that we think you, or anyone else, should follow suit. The choice of diet is a personal one and we leave that up to every participant. And we include recipes that will suit nearly all tastes.

What’s the basis of the diet?

The diet avoids common allergens, as well as heavily processed, inflammation causing or habit forming foods, such as gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and processed sugars. Just doing that for a month (with support!) takes a enormous strain off your body’s systems. At the same time, you’ll be replacing those items with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, some nuts, and protein choices. Regular movement, hydration and rest are also key components of the cleanse. Doing all this for a month can lead to breakthroughs in your energy level and mental clarity as well as your body’s ability to handle stress. Many participants have said that the class makes them more accountable and that they are much more likely to stick with new habits after they do the class.

I already eat a well-balanced diet. Will this help me?

For those who eat a healthy diet, you might be surprised at the way this program can take it to the next level. The cleanse is an opportunity to provide extra support for your whole system. You will probably want to consider adding in the optional three-day ‘Deepening the Cleanse’ routine outlined in the second phase. This varies depending on where you are!

Can I find the ingredients in local grocery stores?

Yes! These days, we’re blessed with supermarkets that offer expanded produce sections and aisles of healthy food choices. Still, you may need (or want) to visit your local health food market or co-op to find a few specific ingredients or recommended supplements. If you do become stumped, don’t forget to try, which it seems, carries everything under the sun! It also helps to think of your search as a treasure hunt that you’ve given yourself as a present, and may just broaden your horizons.

Are the recipes difficult to prepare?

Hmmm… That’s a tough one! If you’re used to popping everything in a microwave or toaster, you’ll find conscious meal preparation takes longer and is more involved. But the recipes themselves are not difficult. In fact, we’ve collected a wide range of dishes, from simple and quick to more sophisticated and complex. And you’ll have plenty of flexibility to choose the ones that work for you. Still, plan that for first week or two, you’ll spend a bit more time than usual as you become familiar with new ingredients, recipes and routines. After that, most participants report settling into a rhythm, as they explore the new menu and get used to the daily routine.

Is this class based on a raw food diet?

No. You will find lots of great recipes for cooked lunches and dinners.

Will the class help me lose weight?

Although weight loss is often experienced by program participants, it is not our primary objective in offering the course. We want to give your body a month of nutrient-rich food to support its natural ability to remove accumulated waste on its own. And yes, it is common for people to take a big step in the right direction.


Going through the cleanse as a group is one of the best ways to experience the process. And for groups of six or more, who all want to go through together, Bryn will hold a weekly conference call as a bonus. During the half-hour session, she’ll answer questions and address specific challenges you are facing. If you are interested in signing up as a group, e-mail , and include the word ‘ GROUP’ in the subject line.

Will it Work for Me

I’m really busy. Can this work for me?

That depends on you. We’ve helped some of the busiest people be successful. And, ironically, it’s those busy people who often accomplish the most! The key to success with this program, as mentioned in our Cleanse Guide, is making a firm commitment to yourself that this really matters… and that you intend to give yourself the gift of self-care for 28 days. If you do so, you should have no trouble adjusting to the routine and fitting the program into your schedule. The class itself is broken down into bite size topics or lessons that can typically take less than 10 minutes/day.

I’ll be traveling. Will I be able to keep up with the program?

While a heavy travel schedule does tend to interrupt people’s routine, many participants have reported being able to maintain progress while on the road. The fact that it’s internet based and available anywhere you can go online helps with extra motivation. If it’s just a brief trip or two during the month, do your best, following the guidelines while traveling, and then get back with the routine when you return home. If it’s a period of extended travel you may want to consider scheduling the cleanse for after your return.

I often go to lunch with colleagues. Can I find food in restaurants?

The majority of our participants work – so you’re not alone. During your cleanse, lunches are the main meal of the day and incorporate a wide array of food choices. You should be able to find good options at most restaurants. That said, the hardest thing about eating out may finding the willpower to skip what other people may be eating! Creating your own habits gets easier when you are committed to yourself.

I’m an athlete. Can I continue to train during the cleanse?

Yes, however you may be adapting the program to accommodate the additional calories you likely need! You may want to fine tune the meals to accommodate an intense workout routine. We’ve had marathoners and triathletes successfully continue their training throughout the program and emerge with new found energy and improved results!

What about my family? Will I have to cook twice??

Unfortunately, you may find yourself preparing two meals. Just as you would with any new diet. If family members insist on their ‘regular’ meals, it may be a good time to help them learn some cooking skills! :-) Look in the discussion forums. You should find specific suggestions about ways to minimize the extra work. For example, it’s often easy to prepare extra portions of a dish for the day ahead. Or to include your vegetable or salad dishes as part of the family’s meal.


Will I be too tired to do anything for a month?

Some people feel more energy right from the beginning, however, many people feel some fatigue, especially during the first week. We liken it to the way you might feel when you have a short night's sleep - by the end of the day, you may feel like you’re dragging a bit. The good news is that it’s at this point that you know your body is working hard and clearing out. Hang in there! By the second or third week people tend to feel MUCH better.  Know that you’ll get through it. And when you’re on the other side, you’ll probably be saying, “That wasn’t really so bad. And it certainly was worth it!”

Besides fatigue, what symptoms can I expect?

It’s common to hear of headaches some time during the first week – especially for heavy coffee or tea drinkers. That’s a sign of your body reacting to caffeine withdrawal. Other temporary complaints include constipation, mild aches and pains and insomnia. These are not unusual and simply signal that the body is detoxifying itself. For most participants, such symptoms pass within a few days and are eventually replaced by more energy and mental clarity.

How do you track or measure success for participants?

In three ways. First, each participant fills out his or her own questionnaire at the start and then again at the completion of the course. So you you’ll be able to see numerically how well you’ve done. We also look at these numbers, in aggregate, to identify patterns in the changes participants are experiencing. During the last week, participants also complete a course/cleanse evaluation that measures their own success in reaching their personal goals and provides feedback on ways to improve the program. Finally, there we pay attention to the comments we receive in the class discussion forums, as well as to the testimonials we receive from participants. We try to be very open to constructive feedback and value it as a way for you to help improve the experience of others in the community.

Will I need an expensive juicer or blender?

No! You will need a blender to make the smoothies. We used a standard high-speed blender (you can find it in the products section) for several years and did just fine. We now have a blender we love that is super strong, however certainly not required. We do have a juicer, which we love and consider a great investment. But it’s certainly not necessary. If you are ready for either, we do have some suggestions on our products page – but don’t feel you need to run out and get one just to do the cleanse.

What will my friends and family think?

In all honesty, some will think you’re a bit nutty! Others may tell you it’s ‘risky’ to eat so many vegetables! But when everyone sees you’re serious and hears your resolve… and then sees your results, they’ll want to know how you did it! So, don’t be a slave to what other people think. It’s your body, your energy, your vitality! Own it!

Will you try to sell me dietary supplements?

No, that's not our focus with this program.
The materials and videos will discuss a number of dietary supplements that you may find helpful in supporting your cleanse program, however we do not sell supplements, and they aren't a necessary part of the program. We have gathered all of the resources, including supplements and books, into an 'store'. We put them in one place to make it convenient for you – as many of our local participants have requested. You are free to purchase them locally or from Amazon directly — or from any other internet seller or local retailer.

We hope this answers your questions, and gives you food for thought. Please check out the current classes and considering joining us if it sounds like a good fit for you.