Two Important Pages

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The following pages provide information that developed and refined over years of teaching our highly successful Cleanse Programs. They should form the basis of a more conscious approach to choosing foods and activities that will support your efforts.

Keepers & Castaways – a list of foods that we use during all of our Cleanse Programs. Use it as a guide to identify foods that may be allergens, inflammatory or highly acid-forming.

The Five Guidelines – these few guidelines are simple but powerful principles to help you keep on track as you start to take more and more responsibility for food and diet choices.

Check here often for new resources to support your more conscious eating habits

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group publishes a number of valuable reports to help consumers identify foods and products that may be harmful or toxic. The list of fruits and vegetables that is most likely to be contaminated with heavy pesticide or herbicide use is called the ‘Dirty Dozen’. You’ll want to avoid these foods if conventionally grown and choose organic whenever possible.

Similarly, the Clean Fifteen list is a good reference when organics are not available or are too expensive.

Apps are available for smart phones via the following links.